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Beautiful Women 2

New study shows women play on their attractiveness whenever opportunity arises


While the latest study made on the faithfulness of beautiful women as opposed to that of average looking ones is no groundbreaking discovery, it does help to finally settle the matter. Gorgeous women are not made to be loyal, and it's not something that they can do to help it, as the research has showed.


It's all in the hormones, scientists say, and not in the way a woman was raised or the values she upholds. More specifically, it's in the level of oestrogen that a woman's fidelity is to be found, as the study has showed that those with high levels of it are more likely to be unsatisfied with their current partner, therefore more prone to cheat on them when the opportunity arises. Coincidentally, these women are also very good looking, scientists pointed out.


Being beautiful means, in turn, more potential mates, which makes women "play on their desirability to snare the best mates," say the researchers as quoted by the Daily Mail. Their standards for what they want from a partner are also highly influenced by them being good looking, which translates into not being able to come across a person to meet those standards, which makes them move from partner to partner.


"Physically attractive women may not only have more alternatives but also high standards that are difficult to satisfy. Accordingly, they have fewer reasons to be committed to any particular partner if higher quality potential mates are available." Dr. Kristina Durante pointed out for the aforementioned publication. Their cheating is, thus, not reason for opprobrium for being a spur of the moment thing, but simply them acting as their very nature dictates.


The same study also revealed that, while attractive women are admittedly the "most unsatisfied with their lot," they will also choose a long-term relationship instead of brief flings - still, nothing will stop them from moving on to another partner when something better comes up. "Without necessarily being consciously aware of their motives, highly attractive women are probably able to capitalize on their desirability and continually acquire valuable resources and a higher quality long-term mate by trading-up when the opportunity arises." the researchers explained












Thursday, July 1, 2010

Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?

Poor Diane Kruger has to look like the most beautiful woman in the world, with a face that launched a thousand ships - an impossible task for any woman.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the Sunshine

In a poll conducted by international magazine Harpers and Queen for the 10 Most Beautiful Woman in the World Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline of Hanover's daughter, was voted the 10th most beautiful woman.


No. 10: In the Sunshine


No. 1: Jolie Good Show

actress and UN ambassador Angelina Jolie bagged the top spot.

Source From :IBNLive